Luxury Lodge Open Weekend August 13th -14th

Roadford Lake Lodges Open Weekend

Yes…you’re reading this correctly. We are having another open weekend on 13th-14th August.

Similar to last time, this weekend is your opportunity to gain a first hand look at our beautiful luxury lodges and gain more information on Phase 3. The final phase represents the final group of lodges that will be arriving here at Roadford Lake Lodges and coming to this event will be your chance to get ahead of the competition and secure yourself a lodge before they have even arrive on site; how exciting!

Now…the decision to purchase one of our luxury lodges isn’t one to take lightly. It’s a big step and you should therefore be as informed as possible. Before you buy it is important to know the opportunities that you have once you have purchased one of our lodges.

Holiday Homes

One of the fantastic parts of owning a lodge here at Roadford Lake Lodges is the possibilities it opens up for your holidays. A lodge at Roadford Lake Lodges will be yours to use, no matter the time of year, for your own personal holidays. Fancy 5 weekends away in Devon per year? Or even fancy two 1 week short breaks away per year. You are more than welcome to do that. This lodge is yours and yours only and you can use it whenever you want (you just can’t live there).

This is your home away from home…

So owning a lodge is a great investment for the whole family…cut out expensive flights and shared hotels abroad and holiday in your own property in the UK. Although, don’t be fooled. Just because it isn’t abroad, doesn’t mean it is not fantastic. Devon is a beautiful place to holiday in and the opportunities that Roadford Lake Lodges provide make it an even better place. Devon and nearby Cornwall and rammed full of parks, historical landmarks, activities and other entertainment that is sure to keep you buys for weeks; if not months. If you don’t feel like travelling, activities are plentiful right here on our doorstep. You are more than welcome to book activities directly through us, where we take advantage of the breath-taking land around us.

Investment Opportunity

If the opportunity of life-long holidays doesn’t interest you; another fantastic part of owning a luxury lodge here at Roadford Lake Lodges is the investment side of things. We allow you to buy-to-let; meaning you can purchase a lodge at Roadford Lake for the purpose of renting it out to other people. This will allow your holiday home to work for you, providing you with a healthy stream of passive income.

New research has stated that due to current world affairs, 83% of British travellers would prefer to vacation in the UK and this trend is set to continue into the future. Meaning that the market for this is essentially at it’s infancy and can only go up. Some of our lodges can earn up to £30,000 per year…you aren’t going to want to miss this.

If money isn’t the motivating factor behind renting your property out (it definitely is), you even have the satisfaction that your home is being used by other families to create their own magical holiday memories.

If any of this interests you make sure to follow our socials for any upcoming projects and, if you are able, come down and visit us on 13th-14th August.