Things to do in Devon- Virtually

We absolutely love our home county ???? of Devon and the wonderful delights it has to offer and it’s easy to see why, from hosting some of the UK’s top tourists attractions to owning some of the best beaches in England. 

Sadly at the moment we are unable to welcome our lodge owners and holiday makers to explore our wonderful County, so we thought we would send some Devon happiness to you- virtually.

We have managed to put together a compilation of online virtual tours courtesy of some of Devon’s top tourist attractions- we are sure you are going to love. So why not sit back and take in the beautiful delight that is Devon!

Exeter Cathedral- 
If you have never visited the Cathedral now is the time to explore this fantastic building from all angles. The photography tour shows off the stunning interior. Defiantly worth a look. ????
Paignton Zoo- 
We love a family trip to the zoo! Well Paignton zoo have set up live webcams so that you can watch the flamingos, monkeys and meerkats playing at all hours of the day. This will keep the kids entertained for hours. ????
Kents Cavern Chambers- 
If you don’t like the idea of confined spaces but always wanted to explore the caves- then this treat is for you! The caves offer several unique chambers and passages that are away from the usual visitor trails. ????
The Donkey Sanctuary- 
The charity dates back to 1969 and is renowned worldwide for it’s efforts, having taken care of over 20,000 donkeys. Find out what they get up to and interact with some of the team and catch the donkey-grooming demonstration. ????
Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery- 
Take your time exploring the museum and art gallery, find out about Devon and Exeter’s rich history and global connections. The stunning displays and fabulous exhibitions can be viewed from all angles. ????
A La Ronde- 
Now you can explore this fantastic 16-sided house, inspired by the incredible adventures of two fiercely independent spinster cousins. On the tour you can explore the gallery and see the views around. ????
Dartmoor zoo- 
Located just 15 miles from Plymouth- home to over 150 animals- take a look inside the zoo that inspired “We Bought a Zoo”. You can watch the animals roam around the wide open spaces from the inside. ????
Beach Cams- 
If you’re missing the beach and sand between your toes, this one is for you! Take a look at the selection of Devon beach cams and watch over the stunning coastline. We wouldn’t be surprised if you set this one as your screensaver!
We hope that watching the virtual Devon tours has created as much happiness for you as it did for us. We are soo looking forward to opening our doors this year and welcoming you all with open arms.
From all of the team at