Feed the birds! How to make a simple bird feeder

Here at Roadford Lake Lodges, we like to give back to nature wherever we can and in honour of RSPB The Big garden birdwatch project, we have a few ideas for you to encourage wildlife into your garden.
At Roadford Lake are lucky enough to see a variety of birds including a few of the scarcer varieties including- Whooper Swan, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Bufflehead and Lesser Yellowlegs to name a few. For more information about which birds can be found at Roadford Lake visit-
Roadford Lake birds

What you will need- An apple, an apple corer, string, and seeds/nuts

Step 1- Make a hole in the apple and core the middle. Thread the string through the hole and make a ‘loop’ to hang the apple from.

Step 2- Push nuts and seeds into the apple to create a pattern.

Step 3- Hang up your apple feeder high in a tree and watch the birds from a window!

What you will need- Pine cones, 250g lard, grated cheese, raisins, seeds, string.

Step 1- Combine the lard, cheese, seeds, raisins in a large bowl and mix together.

Step 2- Tie a string to your pine cone and cover with the mix. Don’t forget to fill the holes.

Step 3- Leave in the fridge to set, then hang it in the garden for the birds to enjoy!

What you will need- garden wire or wire coat hanger, apple, cheese cubes, raisins, string.

Step 1- Thread the fruit and cheese on to the wire to make a ‘fruit and cheese string’.

Step 2- When it is approx. 30cm long, make a loop with the fruit and cheese string.

Step 3- Tie the sting to your loop and hang in a high tree as a fruity treat for the birds!

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not give the tea cup feeder a try!
What you will need—a tea cup and saucer, seeds, super glue, string.

STEP 1- Using super glue or a hot glue gun, glue the tea cup to the saucer (handle up) so that the middle of the cup is in the middle of the saucer.

STEP 2- Once dry, tie the tea cup handle with string.

STEP 3- Add seeds to your saucer and hang in the garden for the birds to enjoy an afternoon tea!