UK Holiday boom!

With the UK staycation industry booming, widely being reported by various news sources, and set to continue for the remainder of 2021. After the news that British residents arriving in England from Covid hotspots will have to quarantine in hotels, many would-be holiday makers have opted to stay in the UK this year, embracing their beautiful homeland instead.

But there may be a shortage of UK staycation holidays due to the ever growing high demand. From b & b’s to cottages, to holiday lets, to demand is simply higher than it has ever been and only expected to grow. People are hesitant to go abroad with the new travel restrictions in place, so holidaying in the UK is looking like a very good option.

Not only has the UK seen a dramatic increase in holidays but the demand for owning a holiday home is higher than ever. With people investing in holiday home ownership as a way to secure there holiday, but to also secure an investment opportunity that is a sure way to see the benefits over the next few year.